About MediEnlist

Nurse with senior patient

Specialists in EU Nurse Recruitment

Specialists in EU Nurse and Carer recruitment, at MediEnlist our culture is based on understanding our client’s needs. Having a specialist team that have worked in Health and Social Care Recruitment for many years, we have exceptional and valuable knowledge of our market. We will spend the time evaluating your needs, culture and also your requirements and we will deliver against those specifications. Only then are we able to commence our search for the best candidate to fill the position. We will manage the recruitment process from initial search and selection, to interview and assessment stage, deal with offers of employment and keep in touch following any placements made.

Our commitment to understanding the recruitment needs of our client is equally mirrored by our commitment to understanding the job and career path needs of our candidates.

Once an individual has been identified as potentially having the relevant qualifications, experience and suitability required for the position being recruited for, we commence the MediEnlist consultancy process. This process is essentially an open, in depth, two way discussion which facilitates two key areas:

  1. is the candidate right for the role?
  2. is the role/company right for the candidate?

The consultancy process allows the candidate to outline his/her short, medium and long term career expectations and goals. Secondly, it allows MediEnlist the opportunity to present to the candidate not just the role, but also a thorough overview of the client’s business and where the particular role sits within the organisation.

By giving consideration to the candidate’s professional and personal circumstances during this time and by openly discussing the client company, we are confident that MediEnlist will only shortlist those with the closest match on skill set and overall cultural fit within the company.

Recruiting EU nurses for roles in the UK

Nurse training is standardised for all EU countries, for example a nurse from Romania will be trained to the same level as a British or Irish nurse if he / she qualified after 2010, nurses who qualified before 2010 will also meet with directives based on education and experience combined. These nurses are required to have 5 years’ experience in order to register. Every nurse will be assessed when we first meet with them to confirm that they meet with these directives.

We also test English levels and the standard of written, verbal and listening skills, ensuring that all candidates will already be at a level of at least 6 to 6.5 as a baseline against IELTS. Once the candidate has been successful we will immediately enrol them into IELTS training. The first month of this training will be intensive in their own country whilst waiting to begin their new role. In months two and three, before the candidate sits their IELTS test, employers would be expected to support the candidate in their studies. For example if a candidate is contracted to 40 hours a week, put aside 8 of those hours for IELTS training.